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 swapping cvts

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swapping cvts  Empty
PostSubject: swapping cvts    swapping cvts  I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2014 9:35 am

any info you have on ur own cvt you want to trade with other people. may take a pair of calipers maybe some good pair like, not plastic or metal ones, something analog with a dial or digital. make sure there calibrated to something you know.

and share some of your cvt info. then maybe you can find a cvt to swap.

only problem, ive seen is the space from the back of the case on the driven pulley to the ramp. if they keep it in line. thats the only thing, that i can, just think about and come up with maybe running into. but if its pretty close, its a spinning from left to right pulley alignment that would be happennign there. so if its pretty close. .. hmmmmm. well. you might want to think about it.

but i think we can say that honda makes their depths equally the same on most scooter models and yamaha probably matches their own too. and they might share this.

becuase anything less, probably is, a problem. less tolerances, in space between the back and driven pulley. and any more would just be, a waste.

some pictures of the back of your driven pulleys would be good to look for any odd differences. other than that, its a test, but id say theyd line up.

ill add results here later for a honda elite sr 94+
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swapping cvts
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