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 cheap power

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PostSubject: cheap power   cheap power I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2015 8:40 am

for a quick boost of power on a honda elite 50, swap out tthe variator ramp plate, if you've already derestricted or not, first take out your restrictions. make sure if you have a restricted model to fully destrict it, to keep from burning up the motor with too lean of a pilot jet.

swap out the ramp plate on teh variator on a stock honda elite 50, with a qmb139 variator ramp plate.

a stock elite variator's ramp plate has little feet on it that keep it from shifting out as much. i dont know but, this swap will give you like about as much more performance as a performance variator can do. maybe not quit as much. but make sure you get a chinese qmb139 version variator ramp plate to use. also i tested and ive heard, to use 8 gram roller weights which do pretty good. I also like dr pulley slider's which seem to give even a little bit more of perfrmance, from their higher shifting. but what size to get for a stock elite, i wouldnt really know. ive heard dr pulleys and rollers are a little different when you tune with them but i dont know. ive not set up a variator yet and swapped from one to the other, or have rollers in the weight i have sliders in. so.

elite stock variator's ramp plate has little feet on them. heres a picture.

cheap power Plate_003smallint

you cant see the feet too much, but see how far the edge of the feet where it goes down, from the ramp plate goes. there sitting down and the ramp plate is sitting up real high, from the desk its sitting on.

here is a qmb139 ramp plate, the grey one on the right compared to a performance version, just for reference.

cheap power Sscoot2_007_int

so this is a cheap performance upgrade. add about 5-7 mph to your bike. also they sell ramp plates for a dio from performance companies in places like from hawaii from vtcycles. vtcycles can also sell you gear upgrades if you where looking for them.
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cheap power
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