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 oil plug pump installation

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oil plug pump installation Empty
PostSubject: oil plug pump installation   oil plug pump installation I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 24, 2013 3:38 pm

hey. to not break your bike, ive done this with a leakdown test to make sure it doesnt leak. the instructions, gave on the other site, their idiots, are wrong. ive done them then found i had an airleak. i noticed it when i looked at the pump plug after installing it and turning it on. i was noticing black stuff coming around the plug spraying everywhere.
dont mistake black stuff coming from around your exhaust spryaing everywhere getting on everything with it. but it can come from both, both need fixed. i watched mine. i guess ill tell how to fix both. one is a little harder, or easier but its my method. you can do a different one.

fix the oil pump plug. to do it, all you need to do, is. to install it, you put a washer, or 1/8 inch piece of steel bar, with a hole drilled out on one side, for a bolt to go through, around 3/4 " wide, and i dont know, its about 2 inches long or maybe 3" on mine, that goes from where, you used to bolt on the oil pump at. thats where you bolt it down, to over top of the plug. the difference in directions, are, put a bolt in that hole in teh back of the plug. it gives you somethign to grab on to, to take it out with, with. one thing. and use that, to press down with your, washer, or piece of steel bar. i used a dremel and a cutting attachment to cut a piece of steel bar i got. sanded it down, iwth any sanding drum or sanding stone. smoothed it out. drill out your bolt hole for the bolt. make sure it presses down on the bolt. make sure yoru bolt you use to clamp the bar down with, is spaced out and not too long. you screw it into the nut in the case, in hte little slot for it, so, make sure it doesnt screw in and start to go into the case, or start to press into the case. use, either a smaller bolt or use some washers to space out your piece of steel bar. push the bolt up higher. or cut yoru bolt down lower. i dont know how you would use a washer, how big of one you would have to get, ifit would work. cause htey use i mean they as in them, they, them idiots over there, use a washer, and it only goes over like a quarter of the plug. i dont use it, so. it goes over a quarter of the plug. maybe a washer under your bolt, smaller than the plug, size, but wide like to cover all but like last couple millimeters of the plug and your washer press on the washer under the bolt on your plug. make sure to use a longer threaded bolt for the plug to let the washer go under. dont tighten it, the bolt on the back of the plug, down too much, past kind of snug. id get it tight, dont overtighten it. i dont know how sturdy these plug pumps are.

so heres a help with the plug pump on a honda elite 94+ scooter.
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oil plug pump installation
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