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 Honda elite fuel delivery

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PostSubject: Honda elite fuel delivery   Honda elite fuel delivery I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2014 12:18 pm

you've got this here petcock. it attaches under the backside of the tank. it screws on. To test this thing and for it to work, you need, to unhook both hoses from wherever they attach to, usually the carb, and the intake manifold, for the vacuum. i forget which is which, one that goes to the carb delivers the gas. suck the opposite line. when you do that, be careful at first and make sure there was actually gas in your tank. First make sure theres gas in your tank. Then suck on the vacuum line, the one that came from your intake manifold, and be careful at first. and when you get pressure on the line, the other side of the petcock should open and gas should flow out of it freely. a steady stream engulfing the size of the hose. so have a catch pan there ready.

if youve got gas flow, to make sure a petcock can reach its gas to your carburetor, you gotta make sure there are no humps in your fuel line along the way. the stock line is usually the right length, and it routed the direction, look for some things that might hold up the line putting it in the direction of your carb. if you replace the line, route it the same way. make sure its a striaght downhill path, anyway to your carb, with no humps along the way.
Put fuel filters in the direction of straight down fuel line flow.

If your gas isnt flowing through your petcock, or flows constantly. IF it flows constantly, your carb has a stopper. like a toilet bowl. Your petcocks probably dirty and stuck open. Some, can be taken apart and cleaned, not on a honda elite, usually. Not the ones that come with it. stock. you can take it off after you drain the tank, and watch out theres an o-ring under the screw on part. Make sure to keep it. you can try to clean it out with carb cleaner. or seomthign. usually when it gets stuck open, it just stays open. as long as gas doesnt come out the vacuum line your fine. it will flood your motor if it does. you can use a constantly flowing petcock. your carb can do the gas stopping. your carb bowl fills up. and the float has to be, set right. when it fills, a stopper, the little metal like, spike looking thing, it has a rubber or seomthing tip. you can clean it with toothpaste, something soft abrasive, and itll clean it and seal the fuel intake. Itll make the scooter smell gasssy though, when it sits. but itll work.

If its not flowing, if gas Doesn't flow through your petcock. You can take it off and try to clean it. Usually they just need replaced. BUt if you take it off, and the o-ring is damaged or not there, you need to replace it. Take your petcock to the local hardware store. and get an o-ring that fits it exactly. Doesnt tighten around it. just fits over it.
Then the vacuum can get to it, and the petcock can work.

There tips on getting a Honda Elite petcock, or any vacuum operated, petcock to work.
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Honda elite fuel delivery
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