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 Troubleshooting my Honda Elite 50 2001 SR

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Troubleshooting my Honda Elite 50 2001 SR Empty
PostSubject: Troubleshooting my Honda Elite 50 2001 SR   Troubleshooting my Honda Elite 50 2001 SR I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2015 6:17 pm

alright. i got this video account. i'm just going to make this post here, and if anyone, has any questions, just ask me. This is where I been trying to troubleshoot my scooter. I've been, trying to build up a 72cc polini corsa Big bore kit, with so far, pg-long taiwan exhaust pipe. i've been rebuilding the bottom end, thats what I started with. Was that.

And i've been trying other carburetors. Been trying to get one that works, that gives me good power, and isn't too big of a gas hog. is what i was going for.
I've tried, a dellorto phbg 21mm, a OKO PWK 28mm, Polini PWK 24mm, and now i've got an arreche 17.5mm. which, is what i wanted to start out with in the first place. thats waht i wanted to start out with in the first place, was the arreche carb. it fits a honda elite, with like, hardly no mods.

I've got the Dio keihin PB 14mm stock carb, and intake and airbox. Theres a few differences, but its the same size carb. Theres an exchangable pilot jet. When you use the arreche version of the carb, you have to get a different one than the honda Elite's one. so.

I did try the stock 14mm carb on this bike. and it did run. and it also didnt overheat, but it seemed to not have a quick snap in the throttle. Im not sure what went on. anyway, i switched to the arreche. i had to dremel out my manifold a little bit, becuase the hole wasnt lined up with the carb, and i had to dremel out my plastic spacer insulator the black thing too. some. and i had to remove the o ring, cause it got too close to it, and i had to use a paper gasket for the gasket seal, between the insulator and manifold. anyway. i rebuild the bottom end before i tried this carburetor.

these videos show my, some of my different rebuilds, and trying to use the carb's, and stuff. here they are My vimeo video account
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Troubleshooting my Honda Elite 50 2001 SR
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